A servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and preacher of His Gospel

I’m Matthew Tilley, a follower of Jesus, a preacher, a husband and a father, a student, and a marketing guy. I currently live in McLeansville, NC (that’s just outside of Greensboro, NC) with my family as I seek to obey God’s call on my life to serve His church as a pastor.

Over 40 years ago, God saved me by the grace of Jesus. Then in 2005, He called me to preach His Word and serve His church. I continue to pray that God will allow me to see Him do the amazing things that I read about in Scripture and hear about from older Christians. And I will work as hard as I can to do what He’s called me to: point people to Jesus, equip and encourage the church, and glorify God in with my life.

I am currently seeking the next station that God would have me serve in. I believe that will be pastoring a local church, but I am doing my best to be open to whatever the Lord has for me to do.

To help you assess if and how I can be a help to you, your family, and your church, this website provides some more information about my ministry, including: