Book Review: Why men hate going to church

Men hate going to church because church represents everything that natural men are against. Church–even at its worst–confronts the ugliness of sin. Unfortunately, some have the idea that if we just adjusted the church environment, people will flock to the church.

I recently read a book, called “Why men hate going to church,” that has that essential premise. Now, concede is that there is a harsh reality that this book attempts to address. But I fear that it tries to address it from an almost secular perspective. And that’s a fine thing if we’re marketing here. But this is a supernatural thing we’re talking about. God’s message coming to men can’t be seen as just another product to push, to be adjusted to the target market and spun to the audience’s approval.

What’s worse, with the spiritual realities of church, if you make it appealing to men (or any other sub-group for that matter), its possible that people will come, but what they’ll be coming may no longer be the church. Too many “churches” are religious-themed public gatherings or, worse, some sort of watered-down spiritualist exercise–all done in an attempt to attract some particular demographic.

We can’t allow that. We don’t want that. What’s more … God won’t allow it.

This is His church, He died for it and He will make it as He wants it.

With all of that said, the book (“Why men hate going to church”) was an interesting read that provides some provocative perspective worth considering. But since this book is on the topic of the church, I can’t give it a pass for pushing off the reasons for men’s disdain as biological or evolutionary. The author’s attempts to take the topic out of the spiritual realm unfortunately misses the very point: this is a spiritual problem. Where the book hits the mark is that it does touch on practical matters, but even then it does so in too broad and stereotypical terms.