Book review: Risky Gospel

There’s a kind of preaching I don’t hear very much, but I’m always energized by. Very few preachers do it well … but it’s really surprising given the radical nature of the Gospel & of Jesus Himself.This is the kind of preaching that inspires you to do something difficult, but meaningful.

A lot of preaching puts you on a guilt trip. Even more preaching excites you about the life to come. Other preaching bores you to death and puts you to sleep. And too much preaching just confuses. But given that Jesus is calling us to suffer, to become fools for Him, to turn our backs on everything we know, I’m amazed at how little we’re really challenged to just do something out of the ordinary.

That’s exactly the reason I really liked this book. It was fun to read, challenging to implement and engaging with the hard, cold (often mundane) realities of life. This is the kind of “Christian Living” / “Spiritual Growth” book you like to read and we really need more of.

The fact is I think we’re all wired to do something great, build something useful and even do something risky. Strachan latches onto that and runs with it. By the end, you are really wanted to take your Christianity out of the garage and see what it can do! The good news is that this is exactly what God challenges us to do in His word.

For better or worse, this book basically hits on one note. True, it’s applied to various aspects of life: from family to work to community life. But don’t expect to dig deep on a range of theological issues or be set on a long-term theological journey. Strachan is simple, to the point and blunt … all without being simplistic or dumbed-down. But sometimes, one point is all you need, and you need to hit it hard.

If you’re any sort of a reader at all, you’ll burn through this in no time. I think the real long-term usefulness will be as a group study, particularly with young people. I know my son will be getting my copy to read.

Good stuff. Worth your time.

It should be noted that I got a free, no-strings-attached copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Risky Gospel

Good reading for all ages